Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday

I’M actually not waiting but rather DYING for this book! Dying on Wednesday! <-- That has a catchy ring to it right!? No? Okay yeah, we’ll just let Jill over at Breaking the Spine keep the awesome-sauce original name for the meme! :P

Bloodrose (Nightshade #3)
Is true love worth the ultimate sacrifice?
Now how’s that for a synopsis!? It makes me do this --- > ??!! WHO!! What!! Where!?! WHAT?! ?!?! *&$%&*!

After reading the EPICness that was the first chapter of Bloodrose, I am having heart palpitations over here waiting to read the rest of the book! I'm gonna CRY my eyes out and a part of my soul will die if Calla doesn’t end up with my babe Ren! <--- true story.

Thank goodness gracious I only have to wait like 7 more months! I can handle that! Be sure to pick up the final installment in the Nightshade series, February 2012!


  1. AHHHHHH!!!!! You and me both, hun! I can't stand it! Why does Andrea Cremer like to torture us sooooo much! I'm dying here! I NEED BLOODROSE! Btw, is Bloodrose Chapter 1 safe to read? I haven't read it yet b/c I'm terrified the evil Andrea Cremer ended the chapter in a horrible cliffhanger. I'm crazy, I know.....hehehehe

    Thank god. We don't have to wait a whole effin' year. I love February. I could marry February! LOL

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  2. YES!!! I read the first chapter of Bloodrose the other day and now I need, need, need to get my hands on the rest of the book! And I do believe I'm growing more and more into a Ren girl ;)

  3. A great pick! I have this one on my TBR pile as well.

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  4. Eeeeh I can't wait for Bloodrose! I'm still yet to read Wolfsbane (it's on my shelf) but I am SO TEAM REN!

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  5. This made me how excited you are for this one. Thanks for participating! :)

  6. I still have to read Wolfsbane but its coming up soon on my to read list. I love this cover. I was a little bumbed once they changed the covers because I loved the first cover. But this week I got the Nightshades knew cover so all of them match now. I like this cover the most out of the three. Great pick. Can't wait to read.

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  7. I am so freaking excited for Bloodrose. The end of Wolfsbane is a killer. I need this one now!!

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  8. @Mariya- GIRRRRRLLLL- READ THE CHAPTER! IF YOU'RE TEAM REN (which you totally should be or i am disowning you) THEN YOU WILL LOVE IT!

    @Brodie- YESSSSSH! convert to Team Ren!!! <3 <3

    @Brittany- *squeeeezes!!* You. Are. Awesome. And clearly mentally SANE b/c you are Team Ren!!

    SIDE NOTE: Let's see how many times i can say "Team Ren" in this comment shall we! :P


    Laura- I was sad they changed the covers too! The originals were so prettiful!! But these ones are fierce...just like Calla so i can live with them! :)

    @Bailey- YES!! Wolfsbane was a dannnng cliffy! I HATE cliffys!

    oh and TEAM REN FTW! ;)

  9. @Brooke: totally! I WANT REN ALL TO MYSELF!!! I Heard in Bloodrose from Andrea Cremer that he's in a TOWEL!! WTF?! OMFG!!!! *i'm already drooling*

    KK. I promise to read, but then I'll probaly go insane for the wait on Bloodrose again LOL

  10. I'm getting the vibe that ya'll are just a tad bit excited for this book. I've actually haven't read Nightshade yet, but holy crap, if the reception for the third book is this crazy (and it sounds as though it has some drool-worthy book boys), maybe I should move it to my TBR short-list. lol

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  11. oh mmmm..... how many comments is this?


    I can't wait for this one either chicka<3 I know we'll be fighting the whole way through reading it... since were opposite teams and all.

    I don't mind who she ends up with honestly, I just lean towards one more.... :)

  12. Hey! I'm a new follower. I found you through the summer giveaway hop.
    I haven't read the Nightshade series, but I know a lot of people love them. I'm still trying to finish the vampire academy series.