Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Desert Island Books :)

The wondrous girlies over at The YA-Sisterhood came up with the brilliantest idea ever; Desert Island Books. Holy crud muffs when I first found out i could only pick FIVE YA books, i wanted to cry. CRY I SAY! How the hecks would I narrow it down to just five?!!?

But since I don’t read adult books...I can pick 10 YA books!! YAY!!  But oh man, oh man, oh man, which 10??!  After much thought, consideration and tears here are the TEN books I’d bring with me if I’d have to live the rest of my days on a desert island! (WOOT! annd a series only counts as one!! HUZZAAH!)

The Shade Series by Jeri Smith-Ready!I would not be able to live the rest of my life without Logan in it.  This is my all-time favorite series and I would die if I couldn’t have it with me! SCREW ALL THE OTHER BOOKS I JUST NEED THESE!!! (just kidding...i’m going to pick more...but that statement was for show how much I love them...did it work?)

The Firelight Series by Sophie Jordan! GAH! Firelight is so sexy and angsty and amazing, it makes dragons cool as eff and not nerdy (no offense!) Then, then, then Vanish comes along and it's 10x MORE angsty and amazing...and Cassian & Will...’nuff said. 

The Soul Screamers Series by Rachel Vincent! Scary and sexy and creepy and awesome, it's impossible not to get hooked on this series! Annnnd... If I Die...Tod.... ‘nuff said.

Where She Went by Gayle Forman! Oh. My. Goodness. *sniffle* This book is a masterpiece. WSW is all Adam all the time. He's just so broken and messed up and hurt in this book that your heart breaks with each page. I could re-read it a thousand times. 

Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey! The concept of this book, Protectors and Speakers, is just so freaking amazetastic! I was mesmerized from page one. I NEED this to become a series, I NEED MORE Alden & Lenzi, I NEED more soul sharing AND I NEED more eerie ghostly encounters. EEEEEP, I love this book, make sure you go buy it in December!

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi! Adam Kent. ‘Nuff said. NAAAh, I’m just playin’. This book is written flawlessly and the emotion behind each word, paragraph, and page made my heart melt. Juliette is so unbelievably awesome and the whole book is just phenomenal. I am DYING for the second book in this series!! OH THANK HEAVENS IT’S A SERIES!!! 

Enclave by Ann Aguirre! Kick-ass dystopian at its finest. Some of the best fight scenes ever to be written in the history of ever. Love, love, love this book. 

Angel Burn Trilogy by L.A. Weatherly! Alex Kylar. ‘Nuff said. (do you get the impression that I’m just picking books based on the fictional boys in them? Because...if so, you wouldn’t be too far off base :P)  No, but seriously. This book was mind-blowing because of the crazy twist on angel lore. There was a epic road trip, massive amounts of angst and a ending that now has me anxiously awaiting the sequel, Angel Fire. 

Ripple by Mandy Hubbard! The cover, the story, Cole; all amazing.  Annnd hopefully maybe probably there'd be mermaids in the water around this island i was stranded on. And hopefully maybe probably I could become friends with said mermaids, yes? Well either way, this is the book I'd snuggle with and stare at and talk to like it was my best friend, because it is fantabulous. 

Annnnd the 10th book would haveta be...ahh...fleep floop flarp!! I don’t know! So many choices!! Am I allowed to bring a survival book? No? think...oH MY GOSH! My 10th book would be a LIBRARY BOOK, becaaaause, they would be all, “You only have 2 weeks to read it, Missy.” Oh my gosh!!!!! i could be on to something here!!! So... if it was a library book, I could CONSTANTLY be changing books, right?!!?!? DOES THIS WORK?!! DID I SCAM THE SYSTEM?!!?  HUZZAH! I win. 


  1. Ripple huh?! I was | | close to buying that the other day and bought Blood Bound instead lol :)

    And Enclave made your list? Huh, You really liked that eh?!

    AND OHHH LOOK WHAT NUMBER ONE is.... Surprise! #not :)

    Angle Burn<3 Soul Screamers <3 Vanish <3

  2. Hi Brooke, I saw your blog on Karen's site and wanted to stop by to say hello. A great post, I haven't read any of the books you mention so thanks for the recommendations. Nice meeting you, I've enjoyed my visit, PW.

  3. Love the list! Mine's on

  4. OH DANG!!!! i forgot Shatter Me!!!! I would have had this on my list too!!! Stink!!! Ok, I haven't read Shattered Souls or Ripple?!?!? Ripple is out now, huh?!?!? HMMMM, more book to add to my list! I'm never going to be caught up!!! Thanks for playing! This is so much fun!!!

  5. Ooh you picked Shattered Souls. I LOVE that book! I have got to read Shatter Me. Can I borrow it on the island since I hadn't brought my copy?

    I love Alex Kylar and the Angel Burn series. I can't wait to read the second book.

    You picked some seriously awesome reads, but why didn't you pick the Gayle Forman series and bring If I Stay, too :)

    Happy Island Reading!

  6. You are to funny girl. I fricken love your personality. I love reading your posts just to see what you will say next :)
    You picked some amazing books. I haven't read all of them yet but def plan to soon :) Great picks. I agree that it would be so hard to pick which books, I am getting nervous thinking about if I had to :)

  7. I've still got to read Enclave! I think I'd really like it!

  8. I just bought RIPPLE yesterday! Will read ASAP!

    Great list!

  9. @Jena- I promise you will LOVE Ripple!! Cole is basically the sex. But not in an "I'm cocky and all the girls think i'm hot as eff" way... more like a "I'm super sweet and adorable and that's what makes me sexy" way. <3 <3 <3 I lubbed that book. Obviously. ANNDD yesh! Enclave is so kick-ass i loved it!!

    @Petty- Thanks so much for stopping by!! Karen is just awesome! go give her a hug for me, would ya!?

    @Amy- Thanks for letting me play!! I love you. 'nuff said! :P

    @Fiktshun- YESH! Shattered Souls!! GAH! Alden made that book for me! I heart it hard! and oh my gosh! YOU LOVED ANGEL BURN!?!? AND ALEX?!?! SHUT UP!! okay, i love YOU more now!! Oh! and i was debating picking If I Stay too but Where She Went just does something to me...i figured i could live w/out IIS ....if that makes any sense? LOL

    @Laura- AHAH! Thank you! and it was definitely tough to only pick 10!

    @Midnyte Reader- OMG! Yes, i think it's a must read! Like i told Jena, it was so kick-ass it's basically impossible not to like! :)

    @Brittany- YAY!! Lemme know how you like it!! Feel free to send me fan-gilrie tweets as you read! :P

  10. Goodness, I have GOT to read Shatter Me. I heard soooo many great things about it... can't it be November yet??

    OMG,that list must have been HARD! Shade&Shift? YES!!!! And Firelight and Vanish... YES YES YES!

  11. I still want to read Shatter Me. I need to finish Supernaturally still. I keep getting distracted.

  12. Girl, you are SO funny. Really. You deserve like a Funny, LOL Blog Award or something. *light-bulb*

    Anyhow, thanks for these awesome book recommendations. I've already added all of 'em on my TBR list. And I'm currently reading Gayle Forman's If I Stay, but I don't know what's taking me so long to finish it. Well, off to read...

    Here's my desert island must-have text picks.

  13. you totally scammed the system. congrats :)