Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Monday ♫

Ever since i saw The Civil Wars on VH1 a couple of weeks ago, i canNOT get their song Barton Hollow out of my head; it's seriously amazing! 

I've become slightly obsessed with them AND oh my goodness they did a cover of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson---> AUTOMATIC LOVE! 

Plus, i have a slight attraction to John Paul White, his voice is incredible. It has this folksie-country twang to it...GAH! i don't know how to explain it! Excepts it gives me the shivers!!

Check ‘em out!

Are they not awesome?! EEEEEP! I hope I get to see them when they go on tour!! 

Also, go check out Jena's Music Monday HERE!! She's the whole reason i started doing these! She's my better half....too much?! 

annnnywhooo, Happy Monday!! :)

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