Saturday, August 13, 2011

#TeamKilt Winners

Thanks to everyone who supported Team Kilt and voted for Zachary in the YA Crush Tourney last Wednesday/Thursday! He did amazing and ended up with over 21,000 votes!! THAT‘S FLIPPIN’ CRAZY!!!

Unfortunately Zach lost in the final round but at least he didn’t get annihilated like some other boys who went against Jace! *cough, poor Jules, cough*

Anywhooo here are the winners of last weeks “Kiltgasm” giveaway!

The Winner of the Mara Dyer & Vanish ARCs is:
 Courtney L.!

The Winner of An iTunes gift card, a copy of Shift and book marks is:
 Alyssa S.!

The Winner of a Pre-order of Shine & Enthralled is:

Also make sure you go tell Amy & Jen over at Fictitious Delicious what FAN-FLUPPIN’-TASTIC advocates they were!! They made the impossible happen; they made me kinda sorta maybe possibly like Zachary a teeny tiny itsy bitsy bit. And who knows, maybe he’ll win the whole tourney next year! buuuut, that’s highly unlikely because Logan Keeley will also be in the tournament! And we all know, I'll resort to violence for votes. :P

Here’s hoping for a Logan vs. Zachary match! 

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