Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: "BRIDGE" (Enthralled Short Story)

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Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions
#1. A seagull shits right through me. ~241
#2. I could write an entire song
About the journey
Of that one drop of sweat. ~242 
#3. But after a while,
I fall silent
And just watch
My brother and sister
sing without me
smile without me
Live without me.
They’ll be okay.
Without me.~281

I just want to quote this whole damn story to you. Words canNOT express how emotionally captivating it is. Or just how effing amazing Logan’s POV is. The reason why I chose to do 3 quotes is because I think they each show a different side to Logan and he is MY BABE! Read on for basically a mini review ( I could not help myself.)

The first quote is obviously a little funny, but I also think it reemphasizes Logan’s state of being; people can walk through him, & even birds can shit through him, he’s not actually a physical presence. (also when something or someone “shits” on or “through” you, it kind of seems dehumanizing. Idk...maybe that’s how Logan feels, maybe not.)

I picked the second quote because it just shows how connected Logan is to music. He’s constantly looking at the world through this artistic lens, gaining inspiration, applying a harmony or lyrics to any situation. He is crazy passionate about it and I think this line just strengthens the fact. <3

The third quote...what can I even say about it. I personally love it, and it kinda leaves me speechless. Logan evolves so much as a PERSON (not a character) throughout the Shade series and this quote totally shows that. He’s accepting the fact he won’t always be around and acknowledging that life will go on with out him (*SOBS* mine won't...) I could read that quote a bazillion times and it will always cause my soul to hurt.

Karen (you all know Karen…my wife/pimp) warned me I would cry, but I didn’t think I would cry. I have never cried so hard in my whole entire life. (Not even when I read Shade or Shift or Where the Red Fern Grows.) If you don’t like Logan (obviously you are messed up in the head....just kidding...sort of...actually not really...sorry) then it probably won’t impact you as much, but I guarantee you that you’ll still be moved. Jeri’s writing is breath taking and brilliant and like Karen (you all know Karen…) said, it just has this “lulling rhythm” which it the perfect way to describe it. This short story is the most incredible thing I have ever read. No. Lie.

also go pick up Enthralled in September!! woot!


  1. Love it, especially the first.

    Here's mine:


  2. LOL at the first one! I'm really excited about Enthralled. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. hahaha - this sounds like a great read. I particularly like teaser #1!

    New follower :)


  4. Lol I'm stoked to read this!! Thanks:))

    Here's mine:

  5. Awww. Brooke - my heart breaks all over again.

    Each verse is just so meaningful on so many levels and your mini review captures that perfectly.

  6. Poor Brooke! *hug* I'm glad you enjoyed it though, even if it made you cry.

    Waiting for September so I can read it myself.

  7. Glad you enjoyed this book--the quotes are good!

    Here's our teaser: