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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Breathe by Sarah Crossan

Breathe (Breathe, #1)
Author: Sarah Crossan
Publisher: Greenwillow
Pages: 400
Rating: 4 Breathtaking Stars!
Team: Alina!
Source: Thanks SO much to Krys over at Bibliopunkk for sharing her extra copy! Love ya, woman! :)

Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe...
The world is dead.

A glass dome houses the survivors of the Switch, the period when oxygen levels plunged and the free world withered. A state lottery meant a lucky few won safety, while the rest suffocated in the thin air. Now Alina, Quinn, and Bea are leaving the dome, walking straight into the heart of danger. They have only two days’ worth of oxygen in their tanks. What will happen on the third day?  

Welcome to The Pod—where its citizens are charged an air tax simply because they exist. They can’t play sports, dance, run or even have sex unless they’re a Premium—someone who can afford the extra oxygen to do all those things. 

Sick of feeling trapped and unable to breathe, Alina decides to join the Resistance—a group of people who want to breathe freely again. Outside of the Pod they have a secret meeting place, where they grow...SOMETHING(!)...illegally and where they train to breathe in less oxygen. And OH MY GOSH! I LOVED The Grove! It was so spectacularly beauteous and i want to live there! And i want Alina to live there because I loved her. She was so bad ass and totally my favorite character. Her & Dorian needz to getz togetherrrr! ;)

Then there’s Quinn, who’s a Premium and also a teenage boy—so I basically already automatically liked him a lot. And even though he comes from money, he’s considerate of everyone and very giving, which I also liked about him very much. And his crush on Alina was adorbs.

Quinn’s best friend, Bea, was probably my least favorite character. She was whiney and love struck and something about her just didn’t sit right with me. She grew on me as the story evolved but...she didn’t come close to Alina’s awesomeness.

Side note: Maude Blue is CRAZY. Read the book, you'll understand. :P

The only off-putting element about this book was that there wasn’t a ton of world building. I felt as though the basics were laid out but I would’ve liked more descriptions and information on them. Breathe was very character based, so I’m hoping its sequel focuses more on the world and its issues! (Which I have a very strong feeling that it will!)

Overall, Breathe was a cool dystopian story filled with great characters, crazy plotlines and an ending that’ll have you eagerly anticipating the sequel!