Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday...the bane of my existence

Yep, you guessed it! A post all about how much i despise Sundays! Just kidding... well i really do HATE Sundays...but that's not what this post is all about!

I just wanted to say thank you to all my new followers! You guys are awesome & i think i am in love with every single one of you........are we moving to fast? Because if we are......ah, who i'm i kidding, we're not! 

But anyway!  I want to say a HUGE thanks to Karen over at For What It's Worth because she is amazing and she sent me pretty much all of you!  If you are one of the few not following her, you must! Not only is she like SUPER NICE, she is also hosting the SHIFT blog tour & there are awesome posts & prizes to be won! 

I'm also apart of the SHIFT tour & i am so excited because this coming Friday (May 6th) me & three other ladies get to interview Zachary from the series! Be sure to check out the interview over at Books, Sweets and other Treats!  If you haven't read SHADE you truly are missing out! It is my absolute favorite book! Jeri Smith-Ready is an incredible author, she will make you laugh, cry, scream & cry some more!

Check out my review of SHADE here! Go read it, i'll wait! 

*6 minutes later*

You read my review & totally want to read SHADE now right!?! Well don't you worry because in the next couple of weeks i'm going to be having a couple giveaways for a chance to win a copy of SHADE & SHIFT for your own viewing pleasure! So be on the look out!!! 


  1. I love you chick<3333 you're doing amazing :)

  2. Hey, I am trying to widen out in the world of book blogs and have just stumbled across yours. I LOVE IT! And your writing style is great. Can't wait for more posts. (oh and your template is so cute!)

  3. No you're super nice!! LOL

    I see you are almost at 50!! Mwhuahahaha!!

  4. I finally found your blog Brooke! And OMG it's hilariously awesome. Us MN girls are clearly phenom. Let me know if you want to do some book swapping action. I'm going to make a google doc and keep my list updated cause I got other friends who borrow junk too. :)

  5. @Jena- please get off my blog. HAHA just kidding! i luff you to DEATH!

    @Alex- THANK YOU SOO MUCH! *off to creep on your blog!*

    @Karen- above 50! you my friend.... ARE an evil genius! <3

    @Looksie- YAY! you found me!! I will for sure hit you about about the swapping! :)