Monday, May 23, 2011

Music Monday ♫

I went to the Usher concert this past Saturday...and it was BOMB! OMG, he is so dang sexy in an adorably cute way! And he is AMAZING LIVE!! So i am basically obsessed with a couple of his songs, and that means you get 2 songs by Usher! & a rando by my homie Lupe cuz i have listened to his song a bajillion times this week too!! Also go check out Jena's over at Shortie-Says because i LOVE the song she picked!!! Happy Listening! 

He opened the show with this & gah, it was awesome!

This is my work-out song! Tell me it just doesn't make you want to move! 

This song is from MTV'S "TEEN WOLF" commercial, and i'm IN love with it!! Soo good! 

Hope You Enjoyed & Happy Monday!!


  1. So envious! I saw him years ago. I can imagine he's only gotten more spectacular!

  2. yes.he.has! he was so sparkly with sweat when his shirt was off! gah! he truly is a gift from god... WHOA! did i just type that out loud?? i mean...yea he is pretty good's what-evs! lol

  3. I haven't seen usher in concert but there's something about his music that makes me think I can dance. Every time I hear OMG I can't help myself. So I don't listen to it in public anymore.

    oooh, I'm pretty much obsessed with Words I Never Said. It's so powerful. And don't get me started on Teen Wolf, I'm so excited for this show. I hope the plot line is executed well and doesn't disappoint me.