Friday, May 20, 2011

Interview with Kim Harrington + Giveaway!

You know what i adore even more than the book CLARITY?? The AUTHOR of said book, Kim Harrington! (& yes in the first sentence i refer to Kim as a "what" BUT, i'm fairly certain she's not 100% human. For real. She has a way-to-clever sense of humor and she's ridiculously too nice....all signs point to non-human. Just sayin'....)

So i may have professed my love of CLARITY to Kim once, twice or sixteen times! Seriously the book IS BOMB! It flips you in all these crazy directions, has MULTIPLE sexy boys for you to swoon over & an amazing-OHmyGod-I-want-to-be-HER heroine! What is NOT to love!? Still NOT convinced....check out my review HERE! (tell me THAT doesn't make you want to read it!) 

To see me embarrass myself with the first question, find out which CLARITY character considers me his true love & enter for your chance to win a copy of this amazing book, continue reading! 

Kim, is it too creepy to say I love you….i mean you…your…your writing style!? I’m so glad I picked up CLARITY (because I wasn’t gunna *GASP!* I know! The cover sucked me in though) because it was absolutely awesome and hilariously brilliant! How has your debut experience been so far!?

Thank you! Love ya right back. :)
It has been so fun. It’s something I’ve wanted all my life and worked hard for years to attain, so to have it finally happen…this sounds clich√©, but…it’s truly a dream come true. My two favorite parts of the experience are seeing the book in bookstores (the first time I cried) and getting nice emails from awesome people (like you!).

I also happen to love all the characters in CLARITY, especially Perry & Mary..uh..i mean Starla! Are any of them based off of anyone you know in real life?
No one is really based on anyone from real life, but I will admit that Clare and I share a couple quirks (especially our love of sarcasm). My friends point at certain passages and say, “That’s you!” Just silly stuff, like Clare’s hatred of seafood.

 All right so I had my suspicions when I read CLARITY. I was almost 100% sure it was Colonel Mustard in the library with a candlestick. Obviously, I was wrong. Are you a big fan of murder mysteries?
Huge fan! In movies, on TV (I’m really loving AMC’s The Killing right now), and in books (both adult and YA). I would love to see the mystery genre really take off in YA. I think it’s time! Who’s with me? *raises fist into the air*

*Raises fist with Kim*....*crickets* All right...well speaking of mystery, I feel that Mr. Gabriel Toscano is still hiding a lot. So let’s air out some of his personal laundry! What kind of guy is he really? I mean if he were to take me out…err…I mean…if he were to take Clare out on a date, where would he bring her? (You can tell a lot about a guy from the type of date he takes you on, trust me!)
Well, first he’d come to Clare’s door holding a single red rose. She’d expect him to suggest some fancy restaurant for dinner, which isn’t her style, but he’d surprise her with a romantic candlelight picnic on the beach. But then, right when they’d be about to lean over the blanket and share a kiss, his true love would walk up. A girl named Brooke… ;)

*Blushes* How can i even ask another question after THAT revelation!? But i suppose since we're spilling secrets, one more before ya hit the road! What can you tell us, if anything, about the troubles Clare will find herself in during PERCEPTION? An Italian Mafia war perhaps? 
Deep, deep trouble! I can’t say too much yet, but I will say she has another mystery to solve…and a decision to make.

O_o Well Kim, thank you a TONDLE for the wonderful interview! I am so flippin’ excited for PERCEPTION I can hardly stand it! 

And while we wait for the sequel, let’s all go re-read CLARITY!! Wait....what? You HAVEN’T read CLARITY yet?? Well today is your lucky day! Enter for a chance to win YOUR VERY OWN COPY of the amazing debut by Kim Harrington HERE! 

Must be at least 13 years old!
Last day to enter is May 29th! 
Winner picked at random on May 30th! 


  1. Great interview! Been wanting to read Clarity for a while now...

    Thanks for the chance!

    email: wefancybooks AT gmail DOT com

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    I adored Clarity! ♥

  3. brrrooke babyy love <333 I loved this! so funny! and i'm so glad you're gabriel's true love, cause I'd like my crack at JUSTIN <3

  4. Great interview and thanks for the giveaway!

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