Thursday, May 5, 2011


This morning i finished reading SHIFT by Jeri Smith-Ready and it was absolutely mind-blowing! I'm sure once i finish crying i'll write my review & tell you how amazing it was! But for now i'm here to remind you to keep following the SHIFT blog tour hosted by Karen over at For What It's Worth Reviews! There are still more awesome posts to come! Make sure to go check out todays tour stop over at Jackie Morse Kessler's blog where her character Death interviews my babe Logan! & you can even ask Logan a question!!! I was just....AH! i didn't even know what to ask! "Will you marry me?" seemed a little too desperate! :P

And TOMORROW! Don't forget to stop by Books, Sweets & other Treats to catch ME & three other lovely gals interview Zachary!

yay! Tomorrow the winner of the DIVERGENT ARC Giveaway will also be announced! Don't forget you can still enter until Mid-night tonight!!! 


  1. Okay okay, I requested Shade at my library. Everyone is gushing about this book and I'm feeling left out.

    Thank god for libraries, because my wallet is looking anorexic.

  2. UH! DUDE! i totes know how you feel about the wallet sitch-e-ation!
    I loves the library too! That's how i first read SHADE!!

    but...SHADE is probs one of the BEST buys you could evs make!!