Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today is a very, Very, VERY special day! Not only is it the book birthday of Divergent by Veronica Roth (& some other books that i should know about but don't) it's SHIFT's birthday too!!! 

& one thing i love about Jeri Smith-Ready's SHADE trilogy is that they are centered around music! My boyfriend Logan..err...i mean Aura's boyfriend Logan is basically a rockstar, so music plays a really important part thought-out the series!  Music also has this special power to make you feel emotion, strong emotion & that connects to SHADE so perfectly because that book is just one big roller coaster of emotion!

Have you guys been following the SHIFT blog tour hosted by Karen over at For What It's Worth?? If not, you should go check out the kick-off post that shared Logan's It Sucks to Be a Ghost (Sometimes) Playlist!  Awesome, awesome songs that really give you a deeper look into Logan's character during SHADE! 

Other amazing music related with the book include the SHADE reader playlist  that was posted over at Makeshift Bookmark last week & Jeri's "Official Soundtrack" for SHADE! After listening to the playlists i now have like 6 new CDs for my car!! They are all just....uh...so incredible! (two of my favs are Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles & Just Friends by Gavin DeGraw found on the Reader Playlist!!) 

but anyway, incase i haven't made it known i absolutely LOVED the first book in this series & was ecstatic to learn there would be a sequel! So to celebrate this momentous moment in history a giveaway is in order! & don't birthday parties always have presents??! 

*Hardcover Copy of SHIFT!
*Paperback Copy of SHADE!
*SHIFT & SHADE Bookie-Marks!
*Skull & Cross-bone earphone Thingamajigy!
*& a $25 iTunes Gift Card!

Pretty amaze right? And don't worry if you don't win the Grand Prize, you'll still have a chance to win a Paperback copy of SHADE! That's right my friends, 3 winners!!! HuRrAy! 

This is what you have to do in order to qualify:

*Convert to Team Logan
*Love Logan
*Sing about Logan
*Tweet about Logan
*Knit a sweater that says Logan 
*& Get a tattoo that says "Proud Member of Team Logan" 

Just kidding! But those are all certainly welcome! 
What you really have to do it fill out This Form!

Open to US ONLY
Must be 13 or older
Ends May 9th 
Winner picked at random on May 10th


  1. Oh... Jaime...GET OFF my blog! just kidding i love you, just not your choices! :P

  2. Lol and I love you too Brooke ;) it works perfectly this way you get Logan and I get Zach.

  3. HAHA! that's true! All right, i guess you are still welcome here!

  4. That was the cutest form! Lol I'm really dying to read these! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Love the blog!

  5. Seriously ....how adorable are you???

    And why the heck did I not know about the Shade playlist post?? Bad blogger and Jeri fanatic!! BAD

    AND 55 followers!! woot - who's your pimp? OK that sounded really really wrong....LOL


  6. @Karen- obviously you don't stalk Jeri as well as me! Mmwahahaha!!
    Just kidding...but seriously...i stalk her tweets regularly.

    YOU are my PIMP! & How can it sound wrong...when it feels sooo right? (okay now THAT sounded wrong! LOL)

    *sighs* oh Logan...why is he so great? Lets start a fan club & meet once a week, yeah?

  7. Definitely Logan!!!!!<3

  8. I know nothing about Logan. *sigh* I suck. Seriously though, I've never read a JSR book. Ever. A friend has been urging me to read her WVMP Radio series forEVER now, and now there is the Shade series. *le sigh* There are just too many books! Anyways, great to see that you are so over the top about JSR. I see your Twitter posts gushing about her. ;) Thanks for the opp to win her work.

  9. LOL, love all the fake requirements. And I don't even have any idea who this Logan is! *hides* I'm thinking I should change that? ;)

    Rebecca @ kindle fever

  10. @Smash....can i call you Smash? Smash, you MUST pick up a book by Jeri...she is just...ah! amaze! One of THE best writers out there today! The way she can convey emotion is honestly just incredible!!

    @Rebecca- *slaps!* Woman you better change that! Once you get to know Logan you will love him forever!! <3

  11. You gotta be kidding, right? me not Team LOGAN! I will be the girl he leaves Aura for Logan, MINE ALL MINE <3 <3

  12. HAHAHAHAH OMG I LOVE EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT THIS POST. I was dying of laughter <333 that is why I love you brooke baby!

    I won't be entering. But, we all know I'm TEAM LOGAN<333 and YEAH JAIME take Zach some place else!

    This is an amazing giveaway baby bug! Going to go tweet it now!