Monday, May 9, 2011

Music Monday ♫

My bestie Jena over at Shortie Says is like my crack dealer...but not with crack...with music! Seriously, she always has THE most amazing songs to share on her music monday posts!! So i decided to give it a shot! Let me know whatchya think!

All right first song: don't laugh! I know it's an oldie...but tell me it does not make you want to groove! For. Realz. It's got such a catchy beat....
(make sure your volume is kind of turned down in the beginning the music starts sorta loud! I don't want you to pee your pants!)

Umm, was that song totally not bomb? Haha! Well i love it! 

Second song: So i gushed about this one earlier last week during my SHADE rant! But i still loves it & it makes me cry & it's just beauteous! 

*Hands you a tissue* what? it didn't make you tear up? *steals tissue back from you* *blows nose*

Well i hope you enjoyed those! Two of my favsies this week! Go check out Jena's too! 


  1. You're the best Brooke bug :D

    And honestly I have never heard that first one before!! Hahah

    And the second.. Wow that is beautiful and so Logan. Wow <333

  2. Umm but wasn't it awesome! Lol!

    yep yep yep i loves the second! gets me every time!
    love you bumble bee! <3

  3. OMG!!! I'm dying over here!! I haven't heard Return of the Mack in years! I'm grooving in my seat (watching the video knocked a decade off my lingo). Definitely an oldie but goodie!

  4. Yeah - ok I can never listen to that song again (Breathe Again). No way can you have your tissue back....sobs.
    I literally cry when I do my morning walk in the park when I listen to Mumford & Sons thinking about Logan.

  5. @Karen- meee too! def when i listen to Mumford & Sons "Blank White Page" & "Till Kingdom Come" by Coldplay! the tears just roll thinking about our Babe!!!.... god...are we normal? LOL