Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marvelous Monday!

Okay so it's Monday, obviously.

And as much as i hate Sundays, i despise & loath Mondays 10x more! I mean i had to get up early & i had to go to class & i had to think....so right there it has 3 STIKES against it. Poor little Monday... it never stood a chance! 

BUT! This Monday decided to surprise with with a...prize! This is how it started: I usually have to check my phone as soon as i get up in the AM because:

       1) i am obsessed with Twitter & need to see what i missed while i was zonked out!
       & B) Maybe somebody awesome e-mailed me! 

SO, I checked my phone & saw that i had an e-mail from coolio author Elana Johnson!

I don't know if you guys knew this but she was running a super unique contest called "Tag You're It". It was where you go onto her Facebook page & say what you would do in order to "save" someone you love from being "tagged"!  Oh, and you could also win like amaze ball prizes! (click the link for more info!) 

But anyway.... not only did the contest hook me with the words "ARC" & "Sneak Peek"... it was a really good question that made me think...who would i save? Who would i do ANYTHING for so they wouldn't be seen as a "loser or a criminal"? This is what i came up with: 

(Click to make bigger!) 

So basically, it was just me being...me! & honestly i was just being honest! i WOULD do anything to save my baby nephew! 

ANY WHO......then I HAD TO WAIT to get the e-mail saying what I won (cuz that's the only way you would find out!)!!

24 grueling days later, i got e-mail #1 & it looked like this:

i was super flippin' excited to click that little tag thingamabob! So i did & it lead me to an annotated copy of chapter one of Elana's debut novel Possession! It was AWESOME! & i was almost late to class because i was too busy reading it!!!

THEN an hour later i got ANOTHER E-mail from Elana....so e-mail #2...& i was like O__o whaa?? She must of sent it to me twice on accident...but you know how i said i was really excited to click the tag thingamabob?? Well i just HAD to click it again...because it really WAS fun! AND AND AND it lead me to a DIFFERENT PRIZE THAT LOOKED LIKE THIS:

do you seee! do you see!! I won the GRAND PRIZE!!! Then i proceeded to faint, miss class & now here i am! EEEEEPP! i was flabbergasted... ME.... I....ME... won!! Who has two thumbs & won the "tag you're it" grand prize? THIS GAL <------- HUZZAH!

i had to share with YOU because A) i was really excited!!!
and B)my mom didn't care *sadface* 

all in all it was a good Monday....or should i say FUNday...aha ha ha. (No? that's not actually clever or funny?) okay well thanks for reading! Catch ya on the flip!

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  1. how do you not have any comment on this SUPER AWESOME post?!?!

    Congrats girl!!!!! can i borrow?! hahaha <333

    ps. instead of answering me all on here you can tweet or text me too lol