Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemistry
Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry #1)
Author: Simone Elkeles
Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers
Pages: 360
Rating: 5 Stars! 
When Brittany Ellis walks into chemistry class on the first day of senior year, she has no clue that her carefully created “perfect” life is about to unravel before her eyes. She’s forced to be lab partners with Alex Fuentes, a gang member from the other side of town, and he is about to threaten everything she's worked so hard for—her flawless reputation, her relationship with her boyfriend, and the secret that her home life is anything but perfect. Alex is a bad boy and he knows it. So when he makes a bet with his friends to lure Brittany into his life, he thinks nothing of it. But soon Alex realizes Brittany is a real person with real problems, and suddenly the bet he made in arrogance turns into something much more.  In a passionate story about looking beneath the surface, Simone Elkeles breaks through the stereotypes and barriers that threaten to keep Brittany and Alex apart.~Goodreads 

I was going through this phase (still am!) where I am in love with Male POV!!
So Perfect Chemistry was… PERFECT! It was super good! Witty banter, sexual tension… Chemistry everything I love in my books!

I think ulternating POV is heaven, YOU get the best of both worlds!  I finished the beast in one night it was too good. So fast paced, I did not want to set it down.

Brittany is surprisingly likeable. She puts on an act that everything in her life is perfect when she is actually miserable. The scenes with her sister were heart breaking at times, if you know what its like to live with a handicapped person.

Alex just has the intention of winning “the bet” but when he starts to fall for Brittany it just too cute! Of course the poop hits the fan and she find out, and then I was all like “ALEX YOU IDIOIT! WHY DID YOU SAY THAT?” I was so mad towards the end. I think I almost cried.

You need to read this book. It will not dissapoint. I want to read Rules of Attraction just for the mentions of Alex and Brittany being happy!

Favorite Quote: "Lucky, what do you want me to do? Pluck out one of her fuckin’ pubes?”
haha! i laughed so hard at that line!  


  1. Read Rules of Attraction, it's as good, if not better than Perfect Chemistry. (I know. Not possible, right? Well, it is.0

  2. It caught my eye before, but now I really want to read it!!!!!!!