Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 10 Characters of 2011

Sooo...I had NO idea what to write for this post! Do I pick the Top 10 characters I’d wanted to be best friends with? Who made me laugh? Favorite secondary characters? Most bad-ass characters? Characters who bugged the piss outta me?! Characters I wish I would’ve met this year?! What?! What!? WHAT!? I had NO idea! Sooo, I decided to go with favorite family members! WOOHOO! 

1. Nathan and Andy (Lola and the Boy Next Door)- AHAHA!  LOLA'S DADS!!! OMG! They were probably my favoritest thing about this whole entire book! NO. LIE. They were super parental and totally funny and so FREAKIN’ cute! Pretty sure they’re the best parents I’ve ever read about! They should have a spin off! Between them teasing Lola and hounding her boyfriend Max, they always got me to laugh! 

2. Natalie (Divergent)— Tris’s mom is magnificent! Honestly, if you read Divergent for one reason, read it to meet Tris’s mom! She’s so loyal and understanding and accepting and! I just wanted her to hug me! <- don’t laugh, it’s true! I loved her a TON! 

3. Periwinkle Fern (Clarity)—Clarity’s older brother is extremely flirty and funny annnd he can summon and talk to the dead! How bomb is that!? I would totes date him in a heartbeat! 

4. Ansel Tor (Nightshade Series)—He is the little brother I wish I had! He’s adorable and just this little ball of energy! (Well... at least he was in the first book) I just want to pick him up and squeeze him in a bear wolf hug! He's that darling! ha! Seriously.

5. Metias (Legend) –Even though we don’t know him for very long, he’s kind and protective and silly and everything you could want in an older brother! I wish there would've been more of him in Legend! 

6. Tamra (Firelight)—Jace’s twin sister surprised me a TON in Vanish! I really grew to like her! She basically got awesome and became less of a snob!

7. Mickey Keeley (Shade)—For my soul mate’s older brother I only need to say three words: brooding—tortured—musician. *swoon* I love him to death and just wish he'd be happy! Here's hoping that he finds that in Shine!

8. Rachel (Forgive My Fins)—Lily’s aunt took on a huge responsibility by taking Lily in and letting her live on land. And not only does she become Lily's second mom, she also BAKES! Annnd THAT attracts Quince! Hur.RAH! 

9. Georgia (Die For Me)—SHE IS EXACTLY LIKE MY SISTER! Holy snap! I swear they could pass as the same person! Georgia likes to go out and party and have fun, she likes to be the center of attention and she is never short on boys! But—she’ll be there to comfort her sister in a heartbeat and that’s what I like most about her! Family comes first! 

10. Talon (Under the Never Sky)—Perry’s nephew is the sweetest little thing in the world. He looks up to Perry so much and it’s adorable. He also just wants his dad and uncle to get along and he tries to hard to please both of them. Yes, I like him a lot and hope to gosh he’s in the sequel some more! 



    And I LOVE Lola's DADS! HAHA YES. And Ansel <333 And Metias! <33 Periwinkle<3 Talon <3 aahh great picks!! ...

    I THINK You meant you love MY Talon... haha just kidding :)

  2. I love Andy and Nathan definitely! really cool parents to Lola. I see Metias he life was short lived wouldve been an awesome character. And I see Georgia from Die for Me? I want to have a sister like her party girl eh? Great characters ;)

    Ohh you picked some of the most fierce and awesome characters! Great list you have here!

    Here' s my Top 10 Characters of 2011

    Jay @ We Fancy Books