Wednesday, December 14, 2011


BEFORE YOU READ THIS POST, QUICK! GO CAST YOUR VOTE! Whether you're a member of Aura's Army or Kaylee's....Krew (<--ah HA! Clever.) GO VOTE for one of these kick-ass heroines RIGHT. NOW.

The battle is here! Today is the day! Are you ready to tweet and vote and pimp like crazy!? Still need a avi? Grab one and rock it all day! You can find them here! (I've added a couple new ones thanks to Adrena!) 

What's in it for YOU if Aura wins? Maybe you'll get a SHINE ARC, maybe you'll get a character named after you...maybe you should go check out Jeri's post to see all the amazeball things that'll happen if Aura wins!

ALSO! Go look at the sweet new items that were added to the Shade Store! (Is that what it's called? idk!) But be at the ready b/c i'll be picking winners through-out the day to win some Keeley Brothers goodies! (twitter deets to come.) 

Oh! ANNNND my wife, Karen, is giving away the WHOLE SHADE SERIES (with their beauteous new covers) IF Aura wins, as well! GO HERE to enter! YAHOOO! (am i allowed to enter? juuuuuuust curious....) 

Ultimately you should just VOTE b/c Aura’s Ultimately Really Awesome! And don’t forget to: