Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Vampire Stalker by Allison van Diepen

The Vampire Stalker
The Vampire Stalker 
Author: Allison van Diepen
Publisher: Point
Pages: 272
Rating: 4 Stars! 

What if the characters in a vampire novel left their world--and came into yours?

Amy is in love with someone who doesn't exist: Alexander Banks, the dashing hero in a popular series of vampire novels. Then one night, Amy meets a boy who bears an eerie resemblance to Alexander. In fact, he IS Alexander, who has escaped from the pages of the book and is in hot pursuit of a wicked vampire named Vigo. Together, Amy and Alexander set out to track Vigo and learn how and why Alexander crossed over. But when she and Alexander begin to fall for each other, Amy wonders if she even wants him to ever return to the realm of fiction.~Goodreads

Two words: Literary Physics! My mind was BLOWN! Holy crap, best idea in the history of ever! If you’re planning on skipping this book because it’s about Vampires, DON’T! If you read it for any reason, read it for the concept of literary physics, honestly you guys….. pure brilliance!

The storyline was face paced & thrilling, maybe a tad bit predictable, but enjoyable nonetheless. The characters are fantastic and it’s basically impossible NOT to relate with Amy. I mean come on, how many of us have fallen in love with a fictional character from one of our favorite books *raises hand high*  I for example have fallen in love with multiple! ;)

So, Alex is the main character from the Otherworld books that Amy & her friends read, and he’s on the ultimate quest for revenge. He’s dedicated his life to stalking a vampire named Vigo (for reasons I won’t spoil). And even before Alex jumps off the pages he’s pretty kick –butt. I mean he has a freakin’ scar on his tongue for goodness stakes (haha! Get it, stakes!?! like cuz when you hunt a vampire you use a stake?! Not funny?.....yeah, I didn’t think so either.)

Anyway, when he steps into present day Chicago he bumps into Amy…and the rest is history! If you want to find out what happens when Amy comes face to face with her fictional love in real life, read this book!!

It’s equal parts adorableness, funniness & suspenseness <--- totes not a word, but it fits nicely don’t you think!?


  1. Wow! Great review ^-^ Love 'Literary physics' mind if i borrow it sometime? :P I've really been wanting to read this one and you just made me want to read it even more.

  2. I keep seeing this book, but I never thought it sounded appealing enough to pick up. Thanks for the great review! You've made me really interested in it now!

  3. I've never even heard of this book... it's that good huh??