Thursday, June 30, 2011


HELLO! *squeezes!* i missed you guys sooo much!! I have sooo much to tell you too!!

Okay so last week my mom surprised me with a trip to New Orleans & a pass to ALA!! i literally was in tears, i was so excited! It was the best birthday present EVER!! eeeeep! My mommy is da best!! 

Anyway i canNOT even describe to you the amazingness that was ALA. Where do i even begin!? I honestly was so scared to go! i was flippin' out the whole time i was driving to the convention center on Friday night! I thought i was either going to puke or poop my pants (Jena can attest to this!) 
<---- my badge! 
the convention center!--->
I have no idea why i was nervous, i ended up having the time of my life! Everyone was so nice & it was great to meet other bloggers & publishing contacts! 

OMG you guys, i LOVE.... no, no, no i am IN LOVE with HarperTeen. They have THE MOST FLABBERGASTINGLY INCREDIBLE BOOKS & covers & people who work there, that i was in awe! Harper was by FAR my favorite booth to stop at! I would just browse around and fan girl with the ladies workin' at there! GAH! they are awesome, awesome, awesome! 

There is no other way to describe ALA, it was like Halloween but instead of candy you got books! & posters & bags & pins & pens & temp tattoos & MY HEART WAS EXPLODING WITH JOY THE WHOLE TIME! i would definitely recommend going at some point in your existence! 

The first day alone i picked up about 40 books! In 2 hours! it was EPIC MADNESS! By the last day i was so sad to leave because i had a blast each and every day! Here are all the books i got!

I think i counted that i got 87 different titles!! HOLY POOP! i am set for the rest of the year!! Dudes, don't you even worry, i also got TONS of extra copies too! Off the top of my head i know i have an extra copy of Shut Out,The Faerie Ring, Crossed, Vanish, Sweet Venom, Carrier of the Mark & The Power of Six & those are just off the top of my head!! So be on the look out for tons of giveaways!!!


  1. OMg Brooke! I see Supernaturally in that pile, and Vanish and Fury!!!!!!!! JEALOUS!!! WANT THEM!!!

  2. AND SWEET VENOM!!! I just WoWed that one!!!

  3. CROSSED?!?!?!?!?!!? I think my heart just skipped a beat... or 6.

  4. WOW you got so many awesome books! I can't wait to read Sweetly, Crossed, The Scorpio Races, and I could go on and on..! Lookin forward to readin your reviews on them. Enjoy :)

  5. OH MY GOSH I am so jealous right now!! So many books! Hope you enjoy them :)

    I'm especially jealous of Lola and the Boy Next Door!

  6. I'm in complete envy right now. Oh my words!! So many books!!

  7. Damnation woman! That's awesome! But uh... you know.... feel free to let me borrow some of those. :P Shatter Me, Supernaturally, Jessica Rules The Dark Side and Girl of Fire and Thorns sound phenom. Tris and Issie sounds adorable too but only cause I saw the old school movie. Dying to read those. Super Jello of you right now. And I'm super excited about Mara Dyer. I read Legend and Half-blood though I can tell you first hand that they both rock. Especially Half-blood.

    Oh and P.S. I am so doing ALA and BEA next yr. Wanna be vacay buddies? :D

  8. Oh and PLEASE tell me you have read Divergent. It's hotter than Hot Pockets.

  9. @Looksie- DER! i read Divergent it was BOMB! loved Four & def need more!! I have extra Divergent temp tats! Wannnt some?!

  10. @EVERYONE- I'm thinking about starting up ARC tours! I feel i need to share all my goodies...err...i mean goodies as in books! :P

    @Looksie- Sending Tris & Iz & Girl of Fire and Thorns witchya tomorrow to borrow! As soon as i read Supernatch & Jess i will send them ur way!! My sis is currently reading Shatter Me but as soon as she is done it's yours to borrow! I read it already & it was pure amazeballs! i loved it a tondle!

    & Dude VACAY buds for ALA ferr sure! :D

  11. You rock Brooker T Jones. And Divergent tats? WIN! If you need some of the first books before you read sequels; I have most of em.

    Also doing ARC tours is a phenom idea. I would help out if you needed it.

  12. Brooke, did I just read "ARC tour"? Where do I sign up? :]

  13. Thanks for linking on the new blog wifey! It's a good thing too - somehow I missed this post.
    I'm so glad you went and had fun!

  14. That's amazing Brooke!!! Your bookshelf is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!!


    I love ya btw :D