Thursday, June 23, 2011

UPDATE & my MJ obsession revealed

Hey Guys!! 

Sorry i've been slacking on my posts, i've been packing for a trip!! I promise when i get back there will be a ton more reviews, giveaways and memes! In the mean time don't forget to enter my "Happy Junie" giveaway where you can win a book of your choice!! Check out the deets HERE!

& this week i'm also like super sad because on Saturday it's the 2 year anniversary of MJ's death. (DON'T HATE) 
guuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyssssssss i LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON SOO MUCH!! GAH! he was just pure brilliance, i don't even think he was completely human! But on a lighter note i'm going to leave you with my favorite MJ inspired photos & a couple of my fav MJ songs!! Lemme know what you think!! 

Classic MJ song, and the dancing is effin' mind-blowing!

Newer song with Akon that gives me the goosies!! 

Sorry to bombard you with a ton of Michael Jackson shtuffs, but he is a BIG part of my life & always will be! I mean i even have a Michael Jackson tat for heaven sakes! Don't believe me? Check it out HERE!! 

well have a great Thursday everybody!! :D

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  1. It's seriously been two years? Geez. I'm a major fan, as well, and feel your paint too. No one can touch his brilliance. ♥