Sunday, June 19, 2011

In My Mailbox NUMERO DOS (is there a reason why we # our IMMs? juuuuust curious)

All righty, so i got some awesome things in my mailbox this week & none of them were books! aha! How do you like that!?!

First thing i got was: 

A pretty, pretty T-shirt, little mirror & bookmarks from none other than my pimp, Karen from over at For What It's Worth Reviews! Have i not been telling you guys how great she is? (actually it was just because i stalked her tweets & replied to her trivia question first, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love me! Right? RIGHT??!)

ehem moving on! 

This week i also got:
THE NARWHAL THAT I WON FROM Victoria Schwab!! Guys, you have no idea how IN LOVE with this narwhal i am! It's like my baby! I am going to bring it every where with me!! I call it my "little fluffle puffle!" It makes me smile soooo much.

<-----Look at HOW ADORBS!!! 

i'm off to snuggle with my EFF P (aka my fluffle puffle! p dot s- "EFF P" is said in a really deep voice, kinda like when dudes call other dudes by their college football nickname.)
Hope you had a good mailbox week!! :)

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  1. I totally love you! You stalking me on twitter is just a