Monday, December 7, 2015

The Lonley Ones by Kelsey Sutton

The Lonely Ones
The Lonely Ones ARC
Author: Kelsey Sutton
Publisher: Philomel
Fain hasn’t always been lonely. Her family used to be close; she used to have good friends. But as circumstances—and people—changed, Fain was left behind. That's when the monsters appeared.

While her parents argue and her peers and siblings either pick on or simply ignore her, Fain spends time in a world of her own making. During the day, she crafts stories of fantastical adventures, but in the darkness of night, these adventures come to life alongside a legion of imaginary creatures, with Fain as their queen.

In time, Fain begins to see possibilities and friendships emerge in her day-to-day, but when she is let down by the one relationship she thought she could trust, Fain must decide: remain queen of the imaginary creatures, or risk opening herself up to the fragile connections that can only be formed in the real world?

Told in lyrical free verse, The Lonely Ones reminds us of the need for imaginative play and the power of true friendship.

The Lonely Ones is a very quick read, seeing as though it is told in verse. 
I think the synopsis gives A LOT of the story away, but I enjoyed reading the finer details nonetheless. 

The family aspect of this story was incredibly realistic. The Lonely Ones showed that things aren't always sunshine and rainbows and sometimes an escape is necessary. That's a big part why Fain's imagination runs so rampant. 

I really liked her siblings. Even though they aren't the nicest at times, when it matters most, they were there for Fain. And that warmed my heart. 

I do have to say I was slightly creeped out by Fain's "monsters" and i was hesitant to start this book at night :P

If you're looking for a quick read with an interesting plot and relatabe underlying theme, then The Lonely Ones is for you!

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