Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day and Junebug Interview: PART I

Legend (Legend, #1)

Guys! Guys. Guys. I have an EXtremely special treat for you today! I had the HONOR and privilege of interviewing two of the most kick-ass characters to ever exist: DAY AND EFFIN' JUNE FROM LEGEND! After they agreed to an interview i proceed to pee myself and then pass out. And after talking to them i decided that i'm officially in love with them. *sighs* They are just...so cool. Ehem...anywho, let's get on with the interview shall we?

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! EEEEEP! Holy snap. Day & June! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH! SQUEEEE! Ehem...I mean...thanks for stopping by.

Day: Thanks for having us, sweetheart.

Brooke: *melts* 

June: The pleasure is all ours!

How do you guys feel about having your story out in the world?

Day: Kinda uncomfortable, to be honest. Don’t want everyone knowing my identity now, do I?

June: Oh, come now. You know you like it.

Day, I’ve heard some people referring to you as a “Legend.” How do you feel about that? (Aaaand what if I told you that one of those people just so happened to be our very own Junebug?)

Day: Really? She said that? (turns to June) You said that?

June: I said no such thing.

Brooke: *coughs* I have it in print.... *coughs*

Serious question Day, would you ever let June braid your hair? Or, like, put beads in it or something?

Day: She can do whatever the hell she likes to my hair. Maybe no beads, though. They make too much noise.

June! Wouldn’t you totally want to braid Day’s hair!? *sighs* He’s got nice hair...

June: I don’t see how this relates to anything. It seems irrelevant.

Day: You got to admit, I do have pretty nice hair.

All-right, all-right, I'll braid his hair then! But let's get back to the really important stuff...

So, June. Day’s a pretty good kisser, yeah? ;)

June: Again, irrelevant.

Day: If you look closely at her, you can see her blushing.

While you're already blushing, do you have any fictional crushes Junebug?

June: Well, if I could choose amongst the fiction in your world, I would be attracted to Sherlock Holmes. Such an eye for detail!

Day: I don’t see what’s so great about him. He’s old, and has a weird hat.

How about you, Day? Any lucky ladies you’re dying to flirt with from another book?

Day: I’d love to try my luck with Karou, from Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Too bad her boyfriend can probably kill me with his freaky eyes.

Okay, okay, enough of the mushy stuff! Weapon of Choice?

Day: Knives! Silent and easy to carry. Plus, the Republic can’t track them like they track guns. Pretty sweet, yeah?

Brooke: *sighs dreamily* yeah....

June: I can be a fairly good shot with a gun, although I prefer not to use it.

June, what’s it like to be in a Skiz fight?!

June: The fight itself wasn’t terribly difficult, but it’s the crowd you have to be careful with. I was a little reckless that day, although I don’t regret it.

Day, why don’t you fight in Skiz yourself?

Day: Too dangerous for both Tess and me—if the street police break up a Skiz fight and I get fingerprinted, they’ll know who I am. Besides, I’m a runner. Not a fighter.

Guys, what exactly is Kivaball? Either of you ever play it?

June: Kivaball is played between two people who are each against a wall, and each suspended in midair with harnesses. Both have rackets. You hit a ball back and forth in an attempt to get it past your opponent. It’s a fairly common game at my university.

Brooke: O_O Oh my gosh. That sounds intense. But totally fun!

Day: Rich folks’ sport. I prefer street hockey.

Or what do you guys like to do for fun?  Draw? Sing? Dance like Michael Jackson? Do you even have time for fun?

Day: I could spend all day running buildings. I’m also a pretty good dancer, darling, now that you bring it up.

June: I enjoy puzzle games. The Republic has some great simulation engines—I like going into virtual puzzles and then finding my way back out.

Brooke: Day dancing?! *SWOON*

GUYS. Aren't they fricken awesome?! Be sure to come back ON THURSDAY for part II with Day and June and a GIVEAWAY!!


  1. Love that interview & I'll be back for Part II tomorrow!

    I know how much you love this series Brooke so I will have to read it soon.

  2. Hahaha I LOVED this!! But June, are you seeing what I'm seeing? I think you better get a tight hold on your guy... I sense some sparks flying between him and Brooke! But yes, you DO have pretty hair, Day. I think we should all have a sleepover and braid one another's.

    Oooh an excellent pick with Karou! She's one of my girl crushes too! <3

    Also, please can I play Kivaball?!


    Also x3: This was awesome. So excited for part 2! :)

    1. OH MY GOSH! You see it too!? DAY is totally IN LOVE with me, RIGHT!? :P

      SQUEEE! And great idea about the sleepover, count me IN! *sighs* I bet his hair is the softest...

      P dot s- You are welcome to a game of Kivaball with us as well! GAH! Are we allowed to wear body amour?

      P dot s x2- I need. Need. NEED PATRIOT, like, YESTERDAY!!

  3. Haha, this was a seriously fun interview. Love Legend and these two.

  4. AHHHHHH Well, this was just FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC. Yo, I agree, I see some of those sparkly sparks flying between you and Day, Brooke. ;)

  5. I totally just fainted so I can't even write a comment!!! So good! Seriously, so good!!!! DAY!!!!!!