Friday, February 24, 2012

700 Followers Giveaway: THE WINNERS

I am SO extremely happy that I left a blank comment section on this giveaway form! You guys are HIGHLY entertaining! Somebody gave me a “virtual-kitten-purr-hug” which I have never heard of before but I enjoyed it thoroughly, so thank you! Somebody else gave me an actual virtual high-five (see proof here!). I also had multiple claims that people already are or are now stalking me (I approve.) and let me not forget the handful of people who declared their undying love for me. I assure you, the feeling is mutual!

Also, a quick thank you to the person who gifted me a pool full of chocolate fondue! That should be a fun time!

The greatest compliment I got though was when somebody said they’d recruit me to organize a hot fictional boys stalk tour. I’m not exactly sure what that is...but I’m down! COUNT ME IN! :P

So I’m sure you just want to know the winners...fine, they are!

First place with the choice of two books:
Morgan P! 
And I gained an additional 25 followers during the giveaway so I added another winner! HooRAH!! Second place winner: 
Samantha @ Papercuts! 

 Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you so much for following! I loves yous!