Monday, December 21, 2015

Top Ten of 2015: The Best Books I've Read

Alrighty, so today is the kickoff for the Top 10 of 2015 hosted by Two Chicks on Books, Fiktshun, Tales of a Ravenous Reader and Magical Urban Fantasy!

So, I kind of started my reading spree towards the end of the year and have only read 19 books so far (YIKES!) That being said, I was only able to pick 8 books for today's list (all the others I read were either just ok or total duds.)

Onto the list! The Top 8 Books I read in 2015 are:


  1. Regardless it looks like you've read some great books! I had wanted to read Everything, Everything, but I don't think that's going to happen.

  2. Awesome list they’re all such great picks! Thanks so much for taking part in the Top 10 of 2015! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your Top 10’s :D
    Jaime @ Two Chicks On Books