Friday, December 30, 2016

Top 10 Books I'm Looking Forward to in 2017

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The Crown's Fate (The Crown's Game, #2)1. Yes. I need this book. I loved The Crown's Game, so I'm SUPER excited for this one!

Blacksouls (Blackhearts, #2)2. MORE TEACH! YESS! Is 2017 going to be the year of awesome sequels?! I think so! 

The Valiant3. I've heard nothing but incredible things about this one! It sounds amazing, looks bomb as eff and i can't wait to read it!

Empress of a Thousand Skies4. That cover, that synopsis. Yes, please! I totally already ship Rhee & Aly :P

Song of the Current
5. I love a any type of water based, dash of pirate fantasy! 

Cold Summer
Letters to the Lost
7. This sounds absolutely heartbreaking and adorable and wonderful. Sign me up!
Our Broken Pieces
8. Um!?  The first 3 words on goodreads had me hooked. 
When Dimple Met Rishi
9. I adore this cover. It makes me already love Dimple. Not to mention the storyline of arranged marriage?! Talk about captivating! 
Kissing Max Holden
10. This contemp just sounds so cute. Reminds me of a Kasie West story (who i LOVE!) Can't wait for this! 

Are you participating in the Top 10!? Leave a link to your post below or tell me what 2017 release you can't wait for! 

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  1. The Valiant!! I requested it but it's not here so I guess I'm not getting it lol And When Dimple Met Rishi looks adorable.

    Karen @For What It's Worth