Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Would You Rather?!

I've only seen a few of these around, and none of them are really a weekly thing. 'Would You Rather' is a game I absolutely love to play so, I thought i'd give a shot at introducing, 'Would You Rather Wednesday!' The question of the week will be bookishly related! All YOU have to do is either answer the question below in the comments -OR- you can grab the banner above, along with the weekly WYR and post the answer on your blog! Let's get started!


Kill your favorite fictional character...
Kill everyone they love and care about? 

My Answer: 

GAH! Such a toughy! If you kill your favorite character then they are gone forever...UNLESS, they can come back as a ghost (i.e. Logan Keeley *swoons*) BUT that's still not they same as having them here :(

BUT!? Killing everyone they love and care about?! No, no, no they would spend the rest of their days miserable and suffering and sad. Or, ya know, at least have a big long grieving period. 

SO. I think....I would rather....Kill my favorite fictional character. *HORRIFIED GASP*



  1. I think I'd do the same. It would be great to keep them alive, but they would be destroyed by the deaths of their loved ones, so... :/ Amazing idea!

  2. I think I would kill them. If you kill everyone they love they will end up miserable and whiny and then you would have to kill them anyway. Bahahahaha!

    Karen @For What It's Worth