Monday, September 19, 2011

"BRIDGE" Will Enthrall You

FINALLY!! ENTHRALLED IS HERE! (well, not officially until tomorrow... but still!)

That means we can all stare and pet the pretty cover in real life! Because seriously, how freakin' gorgeous is it?!?! SEEEE ---> ----> ----> ---->

ANNNNND! You can read the most incredible short story ever written in the history of ever! "BRIDGE" by the fantabulous Jeri Smith-Ready! FER REAL YOU GUYS!! You do NOT even understand the PHENOMNESS that is this story. LOGAN'S STORY! It broke my heart into a million thousand pieces and punched me in the gut sixty-five hundred times. It will BLOW. YOU. AWAY.  You will laugh, swoon, cry, hurt, think, sob, and ultimately die of a broken heart. (Maybe that was just me?) I'm not even going to lie, besides "Bridge," i've only read like 2 other stories in Enthralled! They were really good, but they don't even come close to the amazeness that is "Bridge!"

So, what better way to celebrate the release of Logan's story than to throw a PARTY! Umm, check out this freakin' mind-blowing graphic Fictitious Delicious made:

Yeah, amazing right!?

To find out all the deets about the party, including when the #SHADEboys chats will go down, how to win a SIGNED Hardcover of Enthralled annnnnd how to win some other awesome swagage, head on over to Jeri's blog post!

GUYSSSSS DON'T YOU JUST LOVE LOGAN!?! Wait, what do you mean you're not sure? Oh, you haven't read "Bridge" yet? Well, okay! It's your lucky day!! Enter to win your very own copy HERE!!
Ends 9/24! 

Check out my previous Teaser Tuesday featuring "Bridge" and my mini review of the story HERE!

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