Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to the Books Winners

Thanks to everyone who gave me a hug on the giveaway form!! You are too nice! I started school yesterday and it was a success! 

Just kidding...I hate it =\

But enough about me! The winners of the Back to the Books Giveaway Hop arrrrre:


Thanks to everyone who entered!! 

And to those of you who pushed me towards the bus....why? Just, why? I thought we were friends!?


  1. Aww hugs sorry your hating school. Yay for the winners :)

  2. Aw. Sucks to hear you're hating school. Well, if it's anything, I'm going back to school next, next week. So, at least, you're not the only one suffering. Hehe. Well, good luck in your studies. And Thanks for this awesome giveaway!:)

  3. eh...the only reason i don't like school is's school. It's actually not that bad! lol

  4. MUAHAHAHAH to the last sentence