Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

Wolfsbane: A Nightshade NovelWolfsbane (Nightshade #2)
Author: Andrea Cremer
Publisher: Philomel
Pages: 400
Rating: 4.5 Stars!
Team: Connor, Ethan & of course, Ren!!
This thrilling sequel to the much-talked-about Nightshade begins just where it ended-Calla Tor wakes up in the lair of the Searchers, her sworn enemy, and she's certain her days are numbered. But then the Searchers make her an offer-one that gives her the chance to destroy her former masters and save the pack-and the man-she left behind. Is Ren worth the price of her freedom? And will Shay stand by her side no matter what? Now in control of her own destiny, Calla must decide which battles are worth fighting and how many trials true love can endure and still survive.~Goodreads

Where do I even begin with this book!?!? It was nothing short of breath-taking! The story shoots off from page one with plenty of action and new characters, an amazing sequel!

Wolfsbane picks up right where Nighshade left off & Calla finds out some startling revelations through-out the whole book.  All her issues seem to stem from (SPOILER!!) saving Shay and abandoning her pack at the end of Nightshade. Oh my goodness you guys, like you have no idea how heartbreaking these revelations are, each and every one of them caught me totally off guard and hurt my soul.

Andrea Cremer knows how to write a damn good book! Honestly, I’m going to spoil something for you; there is basically like zippo Ren in this book & when he does show up, it’s far from a happy reunion. You know what that means right? Lots, and I mean LOTS of Shay *insert gagging here* BUT holy smokes, he is actually tolerable. Sure I wanted to slap him, but he's not that bad. 

To distract us from the annoyingness that is Shay, we have a slew of bomb new characters! Ethan & Connor are THE greatest additions ever made to a series. No. lie. Connor is nothing but witty lines & innuendos while Ethan is the serious-brooding-i-have-awesome-one-liners-sometimes-too type. Both are kick- ass, and both are pretty much sexy as heck. At first Ethan is a big jerk, but THEN when this ONE THING happens and he MEETS this one character it’s pure MAGIC! Shhh…… do you hear that? It’s the sound of my heart fluttering because I love Ethan with this character SO MUCH! I want a spin-off of them!! (Andrea, could you please get on that? Thanks!)

Along with the new dudes we get a feisty little thing, Adne! She is such a bitch and provokes Calla so much you just cannot help but love her (well I did anyway!) All these new characters are so tough & unique they really add to the book. One thing they DO NOT do however, is replace the wolf pack.  My heart hurt so much, I missed them tons!!  ANSEL! *CRIES*

The end of the book is brilliant & crazy & GAH!! Honestly this WHOLE book is just shock-shock-shocking! For realzzz! Andrea Cremer delivers again & leaves you breathless for the last *cries* installment!!

<3 Ren better be in Bloodrose like 10 million% more than he was in this one! #JustSayin’

Special thanks to my bestie Jaime from Two Chicks on Books for letting me borrow her ARC!! 


  1. AH! I'm so jelous. I feel like the only person who hasn't read this one yet! I really enjoyed Nightshade last year and thought the characters were amazing. Your review just has me more exited to pick up Wolfsbane! ^-^

  2. YEAH THIS BOOK WAS BOMB. And I'm team COnnor/SHAY hahahaha sorry<333 so I loved my sexy time during this book ;D

  3. omg!!!! while reading I was like “i wanna read it, i wanna read it sooo bad! “. SHAY is still gah? I really don’t like him. (but at least there are NEW interesting characters to make up for,haha). I’m totally team REN!! (but will there be a not-happy reunion? huhuhuhu.) waaaaah.

  4. Thanks for the great review! I'm glad the new characters add something different to the story and are so wonderful to read. Can't wait for this one!