Monday, July 25, 2011

VOTE Team Skirt (it takes a real man to wear plaid?)

Sometimes we gotta help out our friends, even if that means going against our own basic beliefs and morals. That’s right buds, I’m talking about voting for *holds back vomit* Zachary Moore in the #YACrushTourney!

Amy and Jen from over at Fictitious Delicious are his fantabulous advocates and they actually make him sound quite amazing! Supposedly, Zach is SUPER sweet, sexy as hell & has a Scottish accent. So, I mean, he’s not that bad.

↑↑↑↑ You should definitely rock the ↑↑ #TeamKilt button ↑↑↑ up there!! All the cool kids are doin’ it!

Plus if when Zachary wins this round, Jeri has promised a teaser from Shine, the third book in the Shade series!!(aka the. best. series. ever.) 

ANNNNNNNNNND I also hear through the twit (twitter, I mean twitter), that there will be a “Shade Boys Smack-Down” if when Zach wins! So that will be EPIC! *deep announcer voice* LOGAN vs. Zachary: BATTLE of the CENTURY! (well not really, but let’s just pretend it’s going to be this huge like wrestle-mania thing…)

So I know I want this showdown to happen & I honestly think that Zach *tries not to gag* deserves another win, so here’s what YOU can do to help: VOTE! It's that easy!! YAY!! 

Head on over to The YA Sisterhood to vote! ONLY ONE VOTE PER COMPUTER so every one counts!!

*Also i decided if when Zachary wins, I’ll giveaway a copy of SHADE & SHIFT right here on Brooke-Reports! UPDATE: AND AND AND JERI WILL SIGN/PERSONALIZE them if you win!! All you have to do is comment on Zachary's match (say how awesome he is) & fill out THIS FORM!! 

winner, winner, chicken dinner: Books Ova Boyzzzz!...Books over Boys...Momo.... :P 

For an extra point tweet this:

"#TeamKiltFTW! Vote for Zachary in the #YACrushTourney!"

*(even if he loses I'll giveaway a copy of them too because that's  my favoritest series & it's amazing & I love it!)


  1. HI brooke, I am a new follower, and loved your blog. Also congrats with your 300 followers! care to follow mine back?


  2. Just when I thought it was impossible to love you any more than I already do, I stumble across this. This is hilarious! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO! *Muah* (JEN)