Review Policy

NOTE: Currently NOT accepting review copies!

WARNING:Reviews may contain excessive eeeps, OMGs, exclamation points, hearts, swoons and squees! 

Writing reviews is fun for me, & this blog is where i can explode with excitement & share my passion for books.

It's very rare i meet a book i don't like! But if something in the book just doesn’t work for me, I can’t promise a positive review. Rather just to be honest & let readers know how I really felt about the book! 
My reviews will include:
Cover Image 
& a Goodreads synopsis along with a link to the Goodreads page.

I ONLY READ YA novels! I absolutely love anything YA! Including Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, Contemporary, Mystery, & Fantasy.

Sorry, but NO E-Books or E-Galleys! I'm just a hard copy kind of gal! I think it's a different experience when you have a book in your hands as opposed to on a screen...i like to consider it....bonding!