More About Me!

Well hello there! Thanks for stopping by, here enjoy this delicious Hot Pocket while I tell you a little about myself! *Hands you a delicious Hot Pocket*

Welcome to Brooke Reports! Get it? Like "Book Reports" only Brooke Reports, like my name! Isn’t that soo clever!? I think so too! *Virtual high-five*

YA novels are my life & i have a major addiction to Paranormal Romance *swoons*! I am an over obsessive freak. I read 3-4 books a week, (did not mean to rhyme there!) & sometimes I skip sleep and work to do so. 

I also tend to fall in love with fictional boys...a lot. Right now, i think i have about 43 fictional boyfriends. And yes, i do talk about them at the dinner table.(Not weird at all right?) *sighs* They're always just so cute, and perfect, and cute, and protective, and swooningly charming, and cute, and funny and did i say cute? 

When i'm not reading (GASP!) i love to try & dance like Michael Jackson, drool over Nick Jonas, listen to music & tweet! (OH-MY-GOODNESS! i love twitter soo much!)  

Well thanks again for stopping by! You gunna finish that? 
*Points to your Hot Pocket*

PYSCH! I'M BACK! Just a little side note: I was really intimidated when I decided to make this blog. There are so many crazy amazing ones already out there! I didn’t think I would stand a chance at being cool or fitting in! But life is all about risks right? So I took the shot! And you stopping by makes me happy! 
 *Huge creepy-stalker smile* k byeeeeee.