Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween Giveaway!

Happy Halloween ghouls and boys! I hope you get lots of treats and maybe even a few tricks!

Leave a comment below telling me either your favorite Halloween costume you've ever worn --OR-- your spookiest encounter!

ENDS 11.03

Prize list:
ARC of How to Hang a Witch
ARC of Labyrinth Lost
ARC of Spare and Found Parts
Villainous candle from Novelly Yours
Creepy Eyeball gum balls
Ghoulish bookmarks


  1. My favorite costume I wore is definitely The Queen of Hearts!! I had so much fun getting everything together for it!

  2. My spookiest encounter happened when I was young. Though I can't remember very clearly, my parents say I went up to them, telling them about a blue ghost that walked into a closet. OooOOOoo. :)

  3. My best costume was the year my boyfriend made me a custom outfit to dress as CatWoman - old-school purple. He could sew and it fit like a glove!

  4. Oops, that was me above - for some reason it wouldn't let me leave my name on my phone! ;) And... still won't let me here. So it's just @lindaWonder on Twitter! :/

  5. My favorite Halloween costume was last year's. I went as a kitsune, a Japanese fox spirit! I put the costume together so I could wear this beautiful painted kitsune mask I bought in Tokyo. Add an orange kimono style wrap dress and a fox tail and I was all set! ^_^

    I've been trying to log in with my LJ but it's not letting me. So I'm the_bel_tolls on Twitter!

  6. Pippi Longstocking!! I was 9 or 10 and had really long hair so we braided my hair, took a wire hanger, straightened it out and wove it through my hair so that it went out in her crazy hair-do. We sprayed my hair and the wire red. I had so many people take my picture while trick-or-treating that year but my mom took none! Lol.

  7. When I was young being a vampire for Halloween happened alot so any of those times are my favorite :)

  8. Also you can reach me at @MsRCreation on twitter :)

  9. One year I hand made an iPod costume with my friend. It was so fun and I got so many compliments. Thanks for the giveaway, Brooke!

  10. This year I was the Cheshire cat, and my hubby was the mad hatter, we made our costumes! Lots of fun, i really enjoyed it!
    thanks for the chance!
    Lzamudio02 @ hotmail .com