Monday, April 25, 2016

Reeeeading Speeeed and its added troubles!

So, I know on average that I can read 75 pages per hour. Now, let’s say I have a book that's 300 pages, that means I’ll be able to finish it in approximately four hours—not too bad right?  (Calculate your speed!)

Unfortunately, knowing that tends to get me into a little bit of trouble. Just because I know I can read a book in four hours doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to read a book in four hours. Ya know? Life, work, tv, eating, and sleeping tend to slither their way into the mix too. This is where the problem arrises. 


I have a really bad habit of stacking my TBR way waaay to high. Now, I'm sure all of us readers tend to overload our reading piles from time to time. Where the real issue pops up is when you sign yourself up for multiple blog/ARC tours on top of library books, fun reads, borrowed books and requested reads (i.e. publisher sent). This leads to OVERWHELMANIA! Then the probability of not reading anything at all becomes real, so real. A slump, some like to call it. Self induced slump. *sadly shakes head* 

I must learn to pace myself. 
Rational Brooke: Shush it, Book obsessed Brooke! We both know REALISTICALLY we are not going to read 11+ books in seven days.
Rational Brooke: NO BUTS, Book Obsessed Brooke! Logically, we know this and we must get better. 

So.  Do you stack your TBR to high? How do you space out your reading so you’re not overwhelmed? Can you help calm the Inner Book Obssessed Brooke? (try sayin that 10 times fast!)

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  1. Yessssss! I read really fast and can plow through one book (sometimes even 2) per day so I always used to take on more than I could handle thinking pishhh I got that!

    But then there's life...dogs that have to pee lol, eating (which I occasionally forget to do when I'm reading), and the dreaded..don't feel like reading/aren't enjoying this book.

    I stopped taking on so many arc's last year. I only request 2 at a time on Netgalley and a few from pubs. I don't feel under pressure to read/review anymore. But it's hard to give up. I do feel like I'm missing out on something sometimes.

    Karen @For What It's Worth