Monday, October 22, 2012

Glass Heart by Amy Garvey (+ARC Giveaway)

Glass Heart (Cold Kiss, #2)
Glass Heart (Cold Kiss #2)
Author:Amy Garvey
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 320
Rating: 3 Stars!
Wren can do things that other people can only dream of. Make it snow on a clear, crisp day. Fly through an abandoned tunnel. Bring a paper bird to life.

Wren knows her abilities are tinged with danger--knows how easy it is to lose control--but she can't resist the intoxicating rush. And now that she has Gabriel by her side, someone who knows what she can do--what she "has" done--she finally feels free to be herself.

But as Wren explores the possibilities of her simmering powers, Gabriel starts pushing her away. Telling her to be careful. Telling her to "stop." The more he cautions her, the more determined Wren becomes to prove that she can handle things on her own. And by the time she realizes that Gabriel may be right, it could be too late to bring him back to her side.~Goodreads

Cold Kiss was one of my absolute favorite books last year  

(I cried my eyes out and it pretty much shattered my soul)
so I was SUPER FREAKIN’ THRILLED to find out there was going to be a sequel! Although I didn’t quite love it as much as the first installment, Glass Heart is still a story worth reading!

Wren Darby is back and she’s as cool as ever; with her cupcake earrings and docs, she floats around town creating photographs out of thin air and making out with her cute boyfriend, Gabriel. 

And the one thing I love most about Wren? It's that she makes mistakes. And major ones at that. She also reacts to things in such a TEENAGE way that she’s so freakin’ relatable. When she wasn’t making out with Gabriel, avoiding her dad, annoying Robin with her big sister act or hanging out with Dar and Jess...she was hangin’ out with some new cronies. And they were...very...interesting....

The new characters, Bay and Fiona, are cool college kids that “play” with magic and encourage Wren to do the same...but in public. At times they seemed like fun but at others they were terrible influences and perhaps slightly dangerous? It was hard to tell! I found myself second-guessing their intentions with Wren every other chapter. Like I said, sometimes they seemed super cool and other times they seem like total creeps. Garvey kept me on edge with them!

Mr. Gabriel seemed to be the only levelheaded one in this book. He wasn't afraid to tell Wren that doing magic in public is wrong and perhaps here new 'friends' aren't friends at all. But he was also dealing with a lot of his own issues—some of which weren’t played out on the page. So I kinda felt that there was a wall between not only Wren and Gabriel but also me and Gabriel though out the book- which made me sad. 

Overall, Glass Heart was a good addition to the series! And i would love to read about Wren and the gang again! Here's hoping for a third ;) 

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  1. I hope that Wren and Gabriel can establish a relationship not just as a couple but a magical friendship as well. I want to see Wren's mom help her gain control over her powers and teach her at least. It would be nice to see Wren confront her father as well about leaving them behind.

    1. Ooh! A magical friendship! Yeah i want that too!

  2. Well, honestly, I hope Gabriel makes a major mess of things and that Wren lets her deal with her own disaster (it would be interesting to see what she does then lol)
    Mary DeBorde M.A.D.

  3. I want them to have a friendship not just a relationship, thanks for the giveaway!

    1. yeah, it does seem as though they just jumped into a relationship...

  4. Your baaaack! Love you!

    I need to read this one ASAP. The first book crushed me too but I do like Gabriel. Too bad there isn't more of him.

    1. LOVE YOOOU MOAR!! And there is quite a bit of Gabriel, just not the way i want him or was expecting him...if that makes any sense??

  5. Well, I don't really know yet. I got Cold Kiss recently, and plan to start it soon. Would love to have the sequel. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I'm not sure. I have to re-read/skim cold kiss again to say.