Monday, January 16, 2012

In Too Deep by Amanda Grace

In Too Deep
In Too Deep
Author: Amanda Grace
Publisher: Flux
Pages: 240
Rating: 4 Stars
I never meant for anyone to get hurt. All I wanted to do that night was make a play for Carter Davis. His heartless rejection was mortifying, but people got the wrong idea when they saw me leaving his bedroom, crying. That’s how rumors of rape started.

Now girls at school are pouring out their sympathy to me. Guys too. But not everyone’s on my side. The school has become a war zone and the threats are getting scary. What began as poetic justice has morphed into something bigger-forcing me to make a terrible choice.~Goodreads

*Takes deep breath* 

In Too Deep is one of those books where everything goes down hill so fast and the next thing you know you’re scared to read the next sentence in fear things will get even worse and then you just want to curl up in a corner and never pick the book up again but the writings really good and there’s this boy named Nick so you pick it up and keep reading and you just shake your head the whole time and wish you would’ve stayed in that corner.

The beginning of In Too Deep was so adorably perfect. The main character Sam comes up with this half-baked scheme to make her best friend, Nick, jealous.  She’s trying to find out if Nick has feelings for more than just friendly feelings for her...yeah, you know the kind! Good intentions, bad...execution.

The way Sam went about everything in this book was so completely wrong. I wanted to reach through the pages and slap some sense into her! She puts this huge lie into circulation because ultimately she just shakes her head in confirmation, even though she doesn't know what she's confirming. When she does find out what she confirmed, she doesn’t even try to set it right...she just...goes along with it. And even when she’s confronted, point blank, by Nick...she doesn’t tell him. WHY!? If she could tell anyone, it’s Nick!! He’s trustworthy and funny and adorable and protective and cute and her best. FREAKING. Friend! What the hell?! I just couldn’t understand her.

She totally ruined this one dude’s reputation. And sure, he was an ass, and he did some rude things to people and I found myself thinking maybe he did deserve This fate. But as I read on...this kid lost everything. His friends, his dignity, I actually felt really bad for him.

And the whole time I just kept asking myself if people in the real world are really as idiotic and insensitive as Sam? What the HELL was she thinking!? All I wanted was for her to stop being stupid and just TELL THE TRUTH. GAAAH!

Yet. Yet, I think that’s what made this book so damn good. My heart was in my throat the whole time. I was anxious while reading every chapter. I cringed. I swore. I almost cried. Almost. I was literally SCREAMING for Sam to tell the truth!! For her to just TELL NICK. For Nick to trust her, believe her.

The ending of this book was like a kick to the gut. It hurt me to read the last couple of chapters. It seriously made my heart all achy. I felt like I lost something, someone. BUT I'll stop right there before I give anything away!

Overall, In Too Deep was an intense story about what happens not necessarily when you lie, but when you withhold the truth. And boy do the consequences suck. If you like feeling upset and emotional, angry and frustrated, then this book is for you. If you don’t like main characters who make horrible choices and endings that make you do this: O_O !!?! then this book is not for you.


  1. I have this book on my reading pile. I been wanting to read this book for a while. Great review :)

    1. Thank you! Lemme know if you get around to it! We'll chat!

  2. I have not heard of this. This sounds like a great emotional book that kicks you in the gut. I need a book like that every now and then. Great review. :D

    1. Thanks so much! And i agree, sometimes you need a book that makes you want to throw it across the room! :P

  3. Sounds like my kind of book. I love torture.