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Monday, November 28, 2011


It's that time again! Yep, you guessed it! The YA Sisterhood's Tourney Time! And as most of you know, this tourney is all about THE HEROINES! Yeeeaaah buddy! It's about time these KICK @SS chicks got some recognition! 

I was extremely lucky and got paired up with Aura from Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade Trilogy! (annnnd if you know me at ALL, you'll know that I'M. IN. LOVE. WITH. THOSE. BOOKS!) Sooo, I am now officially Aura's advocate! And i would absolutely and totally LOVE if you joined me in supporting her in this tourney! She's seriously awesome! 

If you'd like to join Aura's Army feel free to post/share/iron on a t-shirt/tattoo on your body any of the following button/icon thingys!

Spread the word! Pimp out Aura! And be sure to rock the vote on December 14th when she goes up against Kaylee from Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamer Series! 

These thanks to Adrena!

As seen being rocked by Zachary & Logan! 

Random extra ones! 



  1. YEAH AURA!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOT! (haha, I've been holding back from reading SOUL SCREAMERS so I don't, you know, get biased or face a difficult decision or anything.)

  2. Good luck! I own signed copies of Shade and Shift but haven't read them yet. I've been hearing that they are amazing!

    I'm advocate for #TeamSophie from Hex Hall.

    Magical Urban Fantasy Reads

  3. The Aura icons are AWESOME!!!! VOTE AURA!!! AURA's ARMY FTW!!!

  4. This is going to be sooooooo much FUN!!!! Let's getting ready to kick some bootay! Woot! #AurasArmy FTW