*Swoons* Fictional Whore-age to the MAX!

Here are a few (and I use that term loosely, very loosely) of my favorite fictional boys! ♥

Logan Keeley -Shade Series (Eeeep! My all-time favorite boy! *swoons!* *drools!* *dies!*) 
Renier Laroche -Nightshade Series
Tod Hudson -Soul Screamers Series
Logan McEntire -Defiance Series 
Fowler -Reign of Shadows

Hayden - The Fill In Boyfriend
Tucker Avery -Unearthly/Hallowed
Peregrine -Under the Never Sky

True -Atlantia
Will –Masque of the Red Death
Gavriel Duval –Grave Mercy
Quince Fletcher – Forgive My Fins
Day- Legend

Paul Blackwell -Fragile Spirits 
Étienne St. Clair –Anna and the French Kiss
Augustus Waters –The Fault in Our Stars
Grayson Hall –Such a Rush
Will Torres -Nobody But Us

Aspen Leger –The Selection
Kaidan Rowe –Sweet Evil
Roar –Under the Never Sky
Adam Wilde -If I Stay/Where She Went
Cassian -Firelight/Vanish

Elliot –Masque of the Red Death
Jack Dandy –The Girl in the Steel Corset
Theseus Cassio Lowood –Anna Dressed in Blood
Will Rutledge -Firelight/Vanish

Vane Weston -Let the Sky Fall
Ash Fisher -Black City
Sean -The Lost Girl
Malakai Wentforth- For Darkness Shows the Stars

Jules –Die for Me
Four -Divergent
Rhode Lewin -Infinite Days
Kaleb Ballard –Hourglass

Adam Kent -Shatter Me
Cole Hitchings -Ripple 
Alex Kylar -Angel Burn 
Az -A Touch Mortal 

Gabriel Toscano –Clarity
Alden Thomas -Shattered Souls
Peeta Mellark -The Hunger Games Series
Marshall King -Glimmer
Joshua Mayhew –Hereafter

Luke Henry - Forgotten
Travis Maddox -Beautiful Disaster 
Alex -Delirium 

Lend –Paranormalcy
Finnick Odair -Catching Fire/Mockingjay

Silas Reynolds -Sister Red
Haden Black -Falling Under
Ben Carter -Touch Series
Miles Fisher -Torment
Daniel Grigori -Fallen

gah....i guess Edward Cullen he was the original Vamp that started my fictional boy love affair( plus he maybe an oldie- but still a goodie!)