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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Would You Rather Wednesday #2

Wanna play!? All YOU have to do is either answer the question below in the comments -OR- you can grab the banner above, along with the weekly WYR and post the answer on your blog! Let's get started!


Read a book, fall in love with it, but never be able to read the rest of the series...


Be able to read every single book in a series EXCEPT for the first installment?

My Answer:

EEP! Never be able to read the rest of an awesome series!? Never really quite know how the story started?! AHH! Both of these sound awful. BUT. I have been known to start a series and not continue forward with it. So, I'll say that I'd Rather: Read a book, fall in love with it, but never be ablt to read the rest of the series.

What would YOU rather do?

Friday, May 13, 2016

Blog Tour: QUEEN OF HEARTS by Colleen Oakes: TOP TEN Quotes + GIVEAWAY

Queen of Hearts (Queen of Hearts Saga #1)

As Princess of Wonderland Palace and the future Queen of Hearts, Dinah’s days are an endless monotony of tea, tarts, and a stream of vicious humiliations at the hands of her father, the King of Hearts. The only highlight of her days is visiting Wardley, her childhood best friend, the future Knave of Hearts — and the love of her life.

When an enchanting stranger arrives at the Palace, Dinah watches as everything she’s ever wanted threatens to crumble. As her coronation date approaches, a series of suspicious and bloody events suggests that something sinister stirs in the whimsical halls of Wonderland. It’s up to Dinah to unravel the mysteries that lurk both inside and under the Palace before she loses her own head to a clever and faceless foe.

Part epic fantasy, part twisted fairy tale, this dazzling saga will have readers shivering as Dinahs furious nature sweeps Wonderland up in the maelstrom of her wrath. 

Familiar characters such as Cheshire, the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter make their appearance, enchanting readers with this new, dark take on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

1. “Oh my future Queen, you’re late!”

2. Dinah hated this dress. Dinah hated all dresses.

3. Someday this will be my great hall, she told herself.  All these Cards will bow before me when I rule beside my Father.

4. “Listen to me Dinah” he hissed. “Things are going to change for you, child, and you had better be made of stronger stuff than the whiny brat you seem to be now. You may be almost of age to be Queen, but you are not ready.”

5. With a smile, Dinah took in the view of the palace one last time. Her castle was a beauty, a fierce and formidable fortress, lovely and dangerous all at once. One day, Dinah thought, this will all be mine.

6. Dinah sniffed the frosty air again as she made her way through the maze of stalls. Men, hay, and horses – her favorite smells, because they reminded her of him.

7. The Hornhooves scared her; they scared everyone. 

8. “Snow on the hat, snow on the hat, black like your Cheshire Cat!”

9. “Dinah listen to me. Criminals go to the Black Towers. Criminals and liars and murderers and people that your father needs to disappear. It is not a place for a princess.” He kissed her knuckles chastely. “My dear friend and future queen, please abandon this.” 

10. Her black eyes opened wide as she looked at her own reflection. She was the darkness.

Colleen Oakes is the author of books for both teens and adults, including The Elly in Bloom Series, The Queen of Hearts Saga (Harper Collins 2016) and The Wendy Darling Saga. She lives in North Denver with her husband and son and surrounds herself with the most lovely family and friends imaginable. When not writing or plotting new books, Colleen can be found swimming, traveling and totally immersing herself in nerdy pop culture. She currently at work on another YA fantasy series and a stand-alone YA novel. 

You can visit her webpage at: www.colleenoakes.net

Thank you for stopping by and for following the Queen of Hearts Tour! Be sure to check out the other tour stops if you missed 'em!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Would You Rather?!

I've only seen a few of these around, and none of them are really a weekly thing. 'Would You Rather' is a game I absolutely love to play so, I thought i'd give a shot at introducing, 'Would You Rather Wednesday!' The question of the week will be bookishly related! All YOU have to do is either answer the question below in the comments -OR- you can grab the banner above, along with the weekly WYR and post the answer on your blog! Let's get started!


Kill your favorite fictional character...
Kill everyone they love and care about? 

My Answer: 

GAH! Such a toughy! If you kill your favorite character then they are gone forever...UNLESS, they can come back as a ghost (i.e. Logan Keeley *swoons*) BUT that's still not they same as having them here :(

BUT!? Killing everyone they love and care about?! No, no, no they would spend the rest of their days miserable and suffering and sad. Or, ya know, at least have a big long grieving period. 

SO. I think....I would rather....Kill my favorite fictional character. *HORRIFIED GASP*


Friday, May 6, 2016

Flowery Photography Friday

The lovely Jena over at Shortie Says is the one who inspired me to take up photography Friday. I haven't done it in FOREVER but I think i'm going to pick it up again. 

This Friday i was feeling the florals. Flowers are so gorgeous and they put me in a May mood 






Which Photo is your favorite? 

(Copyright: none of these photos are mine! All credits go to the original photo takers!)